Plant Alchemy: Into the Elixir Formulas

Plant Alchemy: Into the Elixir Formulas



Each elixir we offer has had all aspects of the offering looked over, and we make sure to adhere to the highest of quality standards. We are not a certified organic company yet, but currently a little over 98% of the ingredients we use are organic. The other small portion that is not organic is wild-harvested.

In order for the elixirs to provide the medicinal benefits we say they do, we feel strongly that the ingredients need to be the best quality we can find. The medicinal herbs we choose to incorporate into our line are each alive in their own unique ways, and are medicines to be taken with other plants and sometimes by themselves. Botanical Lucidity has formulated all our herbal offerings, carefully and thoughtfully choosing specific plants to go with others to create a synergy amongst the plants--otherwise may be known as plant alchemy

noun: alchemy
  1. the medieval forerunner of chemistry, based on the supposed transformation of matter. It was concerned particularly with attempts to convert base metals into gold or to find a universal elixir.
2. a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.


Blending Plant Medicines - Plant Alchemy

Each elixir has been formulated with herbs that have incredible, diverse healing properties. When it comes to blending two different plants that have different medicinal functions, we try to look at how the two plants interact with each other, how their medicinal properties align, and if somehow the plants are able to support each other.

Another aspect of blending herbs aside from how they support each other medicinally is simply how they taste together. The way plants taste, feel and provide medicinal benefits to the individuals consuming them are all connected. Some of the most medicinal plants out there are entirely off-putting, while others are much more pleasant and enjoyed by most. With our elixir offerings, we considered the taste. We continued formulating until we felt the taste was as pleasant as the way they feel, while of course, delivering abundant medicinal support.

Our process when formulating was a tedious process, involving tasting nearly a thousand variations of the same blend until the proportions were right. We were looking for a particular feeling for each blend, and the taste needed to complement the way it felt.

As we found what felt like the correct ratios of all the plants in each elixir, the combinations of the plants present in a single blend began to create a powerful synergy and unique plant alchemy. That's when we new our elixirs were ready.

At Botanical Lucidity, we are devoted to creating powerful and potent blends that are not only tasty, but are truly nourishing and medicinal. 

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