Meet Kayla

Founder & Owner - Kayla Emmons

For the past 10 years, Kayla has searched for cures to life’s physical and emotional pains. Through studying herbalism, nutrition and other healing modalities, she found that health and wellness lies in nourishing our living cells with natural foods and botanicals.

As a young adult, Kayla was brought to a turning point in her life - one towards a newfound focus on her nutrition, body and mind as a whole. She became a certified Pilates and yoga instructor and studied Thai bodywork while volunteering in an acupuncture clinic. 

She has traveled to Colombia to work with different plant medicines, and later taught yoga and meditation at a retreat in Bali. 

These experiences supported Kayla’s journey and confidence in natural medicine and holistic modalities, as she noticed the positive changes and healing impacts it had on her life and in the lives of those around her. 

These impacts grew deeper after becoming a mother in her early twenties and inspired her to make the choice to deliver her daughter at home. Kayla went on to become a certified birth doula, and has aided and attended around 30 births.

It was when Kayla started her job at Wedge Co-op in Minneapolis, working in the wellness department amongst supplements and vitamins where she drew her inspiration to create her own line of herbal elixirs.