How to Prepare Botanical Lucidity's Elixirs

1. Add elixir powder to your cup or mug

Each elixir tells you exactly how much powder to add to create one drink.
    The elixir jars come with a wooden scoop for measuring one serving (anywhere from 3-5 level scoops)
      Step 1

      2. Add honey or sweetness of choice (optional) 

      A few other great sweetener choices are agave nectar, maple syrup, coconut sugar, raw sugar or stevia. 

        Step 2

        3. Add a splash of hot water and mix well 

        One elixir makes a 6oz drink, both hot or iced. When adding a splash of hot water, add only 1 ounce. 

          Step 3

          4. Finish by adding 6oz of your milk of choice

          If you would like a hot elixir, heat your milk of choice. You can also make your elixir iced by adding cold milk and topping it with ice. 
            Our #1 milk of choice to use is oat milk. A creamy milk choice will make a most delicious Botanical Lucidity elixir. 
              A few other milk options are coconut, almond, hemp, cashew, or dairy milkStep 4

                5. Swirl or stir elixir between sips!

                It is natural for the remnants of the powder to settle to the bottom.

                  Sip  Savor  Enjoy