Blood Orange Chai Mocktail Recipe

Blood Orange Chai Mocktail Recipe


The season of winter calls for self-care rituals, and is a time of reflecting, resting, letting go, resetting. It's important to find ways to care for and nurture ourselves, especially during winter when we are slowing down and spending more time indoors. One of my all time favorite forms of self-care is making myself healthy a bevy that is not only delicious, but also made with nourishing, organic herbs and other ingredients. As part of your self-care ritual this winter, try indulging in this easy to make, effervescent Blood Orange Chai Mocktail, or to share with a friend 
Blood Orange Chai Mocktail Recipe 

Servings: 2


(To make one elixir)

    • 1/4 tsp of Adaptogenic Golden Chai elixir 
    • 1 tbsp of blood orange juice from fresh oranges
    • 1 can of sparkling water (approx 700ml) (flavoured is an option)
    • Handful of ice or more if you like more
    • Optional - 2 tsp of a sweetener (maple syrup, honey etc.)

(Repeat this recipe to make second elixir)



Add your blood orange juice to a glass. Add your Adaptogenic Golden Chai powder and mix well. Add in your sparkling water, leaving space at the top for ice. Add in your arils (pomegranate seeds) and ice cubes. Enjoy right away. 


Photos & Recipe by: Sarah Kermalli with Sculpted Kitchen

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